I would like to tell you how my life has changed. 

I was looking for love in all the wrong places. 

What I thought would make me happy didn't. 

Nothing I did would satisfy my emptiness. 

I was utterly miserable but didn't want to admit it. 

I longed for God's presence again. 

I was now a 
single mother with two children to raise after leaving my husband.  

I got into the party scene like everyone does. 

My pills became my pleasure. 

One night on a business trip, I had a conversation with my mother who had died seven years previously. 

I woke up freaked out! 

I knew she was in Heaven but didn't realize she could look so good. 

Sorry, Mom. 

She was dressed in a long flowing pink satin dress with a white boa wrapped around her neck. 

What was up with the clothes, I thought? 

She twirled around the room saying,

"Amy, look at these clothes we get to wear in Heaven.  See my closet. Don't you want to come to Heaven, Amy? 

I remember looking at her sitting on the edge of her bed in bewilderment

I thought I was going to Heaven.  

I had asked Jesus in my heart as a young girl. 

I thought that was my ticket. 

Mom gave me something to think about. 

I know she was trying to bribe me to want to come to Heaven. 

I figured it out shortly after that; I couldn't go to Heaven the way I was living. 

I was doing whatever I felt like doing, whenever I wanted to do it. 

I know this was a "culture" shock, but God didn't want me to live my life like this.  

I longed for God's presence;

I wanted to be close to Him again. 

He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. 

I feared going to Hell where there is no God.
  That would be altogether torment. 

Thank you God for taking the time to reach down and save me out of my destruction. 

I know He can save you too.

Amy is the sister of RealOrange Founder & President Ann Elizabeth

God gave Ann a huge burden for Amy's eternal soul.

Ann prayed and waited for a period of 16 months for God to intervene in Amy's life, so that she would not die and spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire.

To Ann's relief, God came through by taking Amy into the unseen realm to view their "deceased" Mother in Heaven.

God gave Amy her own wake up call to enter into eternal life instead of eternal damnation.

To God Be All The Glory - Thank you Lord.